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Men's League

Chairman: B. Steer. Tel: 01805 603216

Treasurer: Steve Godly, Forge House, Chawleigh, EX18 7HQ.

Tel: 01769 580592

Fixture Secretary: Nick Hasted Tel: 01363773726

Results Secretary: Mike Rabbitt Tel: 07889059227

To amend website, please contact : Mike Rabbitt

Ladies League

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Key Points from the AGM  2.6.2019

We would like to thank Brian and Caroline for all their hard work over the years.

Rob Pincombe was duly elected as chairman and Steve Godly is still the treasurer. Luckily, he has agreed to do the additional post of secretary. Mike and Nick are carrying on doing the website and fixtures.

It was decided to have 1 up and 1 down so Londoners are relegated and Trotters are promoted.

As a trial, it was decided to make the highest away score fairer. The idea is to have the highest average away score rather than just a one off away score. To achieve this, we need the captains to send in the scores of the players in an away game each week. The simplest way to do this would be to take a photo of the scoreboard and send it in an e-mail, text or messenger to Mike. This way I will have everything I need in 1 photo.


Both Captains are responsible for sending the results in by 6pm on the Friday following the game,

If results are not sent in by the following Friday (6pm), the game will considered null and void (zero points to be awarded to both teams). This was agreed at the AGM.

Please use the following Format:

Date of game, Home Team, Home Team Score, Away Team Name & Score, Name of Highest AWAY Team Scorer and Score i.e.

15 Sept - Dogs 376 - Waie Inn - 460 - M Lee - 80

Please notify Mike Rabbitt of all the Cup Results, including Highest Away Score

Please note that the Front pin and the 2nd/3rd pins must be marked with different coloured bands and played in their position in all games. i.e

Black Front Pin.

Red 2nd & 3rd Pins.