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Cup Matches

Beat Your Partner
1st Round 21st September      
Cruwys Missiles Waifs & Strays Cruwys Missiles WIN (4-3)    
Earls Girls LittleRed Devils Little Red Devils WIN (4-3)    
2nd Round 16th November      
Morchard Misfits Cruwys Missiles Cruwys Missiles WIN    
Trev's Treasures London Bellles      
Superstars Little Red Devils Superstars WIN (4-3)    
Chawleigh Challengers New Inn New Inn WIN (4-3)    
Semi-Finals 25th January      
Superstars (4) WINNERS Trev's Treasures (3) Red Lion, Chulmleigh    
Cruwys (3) New Inn (4) WINNERS Seven Stars, Winkleigh    
Final 22nd March      
New Inn Superstars New Inn WIN    
Front Pin Cup
1st Round 19th October      
Cruwys Missiles London Belles Cruwys Missiles WIN (223-186)    
Trev's Treasures Chawleigh Challengers Trev's Treasures WIN (227-154)    
2nd Round 30th November      
New Inn Cruwys Missiles CruwysMissiles WIN (277-260)    
Waifs and Strays Superstars Waifs & Strays WIN (270-198)    
Trev's Treasures Morchard Misfits      
Earl's Girls Little Red Devils LRD WIN (298-276)    
Semi-Finals 22nd February      
Waifs & Strays (228) Cruwys Missiles (224) Waifs & Strays WIN    
Little Red Devils (173) Morchard Misfits (196) Morchard Misfits WIN    
Final 29th March      
Waifs & Strays (275) Morchard Misfits (226) Waifs & Strays WIN    
Captains & Singles (Waie Inne) 5th April      
Doubles (Waie Inne) 12th April