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Cup Matches

Beat Your Partner
1st Round 21st September      
Cruwys Missiles Waifs & Strays Cruwys Missiles WIN (4-3)    
Earls Girls LittleRed Devils Little Red Devils WIN (4-3)    
2nd Round 16th November      
Morchard Misfits Cruwys Missiles Cruwys Missiles WIN    
Trev's Treasures London Bellles      
Superstars Little Red Devils Superstars WIN (4-3)    
Chawleigh Challengers New Inn New Inn WIN (4-3)    
Semi-Finals 25th January      
Final 22nd March      
Front Pin Cup
1st Round 19th October      
Cruwys Missiles London Belles Cruwys Missiles WIN (223-186)    
Trev's Treasures Chawleigh Challengers Trev's Treasures WIN (227-154)    
2nd Round 30th November      
New Inn Cruwys Missiles CruwysMissiles WIN (277-260)    
Waifs and Strays Superstars Waifs & Strays WIN (270-198)    
Trev's Treasures Morchard Misfits      
Earl's Girls Little Red Devils      
Semi-Finals 22nd February      
Final 29th March      
Captains & Singles (Waie Inne) 5th April      
Doubles (Waie Inne) 12th April